Friday, February 16, 2007

I am now officially the King of games

Even though I don't play many games myself, my classmates were amazed at all the games I had on my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. It was kinda funny.

I wonder if Best Buy will ever call me back on my job app with them. Or perhaps Office Depot will. I need to go by Best Buy to exchange my SanDisk Sansa, it's LCD cracked the other day. A shame really as it was an excellent device. I have a warranty on it, so no worry though.

The other day I tested my Laptop with Knoppix. Surprisingly it seems to see the WiFi card, which is impressive. I might figure out how to get it working.

I plan to do my own custom Knoppix remaster distro. I will add software updates, remove KDE, and Beryl, remove the spare window managers, remove bluetooth, add in a few emulators, remove some development tools, add in some recovery tools (possibly a new version of ClamAV definitions) and possibly some other stuff, Install VLC, install TiLP, install KOffice and Abiword and Gnumeric, install dillo, install aegis, install Real Player, and other goodies. I want a distro that will boot on 64 MB of RAM or less and will run lightweight, and at the same time have lots of software. Most of the "light" distros are too light on software. I want one that has lots of software and a light window manager and low system requirements.

It is really cold and has been snowing recently alot in Colorado. I think Al Gore is an idiot. Colorado is possibly going to break the record for the longest that snow has gone without melting (1 inch or more on the ground on average.). I haven't seen an Inconvenient Truth, but my brother has. He said AL is basically just selfish and egotistical, just talking about himself. It's a shame such as a trashy excuse for a documentary is considered a good movie. How come when Michal Moore or Gore releases a poorly done documentary it is considered great but if any documentary/drama criticizes Clinton it is considered wrong? The Road to 9/11 is much more historically accurate and shows both sides (it criticizes Bush too) while at the same time being more entertaining. It is a shame that Gore may win an Award. What is with these awards? They more or less just reflect the Hollywood liberal agenda. Last year Brokeback Mountain almost won an award, and it did poorly at the box office and made little money until it was nominated and put on a pedestal. Why not judge how good movies are by how much people like them?

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